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The Netherlands Is Working To Ban Flat-Nosed Canine And Folded-Ear Cats

When an animal lover is able of energy, they generally select to alter the insurance policies which are in place, in order that they’ll enhance their high quality of life. That is precisely what motivated The Netherland’s Nationwide Authorities to suggest a ban on canine with flat faces and cats with folded ears. 

They declare that these are some exterior traits which are dangerous and result in life-long struggling.


The thought behind the ban is that some exterior traits, equivalent to flat faces, quick snouts, and folded ears, could make an animal extra aesthetically pleasing. However, as a result of an animal possesses these attributes, they’re topic to struggling. The ban is aimed toward stopping this struggling. 

“This topic impacts me not solely as a Minister but in addition as an individual. We make life depressing for harmless animals purely as a result of we expect they’re lovely and cute. That’s the reason right this moment we’re taking an enormous step in direction of a Netherlands the place no pet has to undergo from their look,” mentioned Dutch Agriculture Minister Piet Adema in an announcement.

When a canine has a flat-face, they’re described as being brachycephalic, they usually usually expertise respiration issues, compromised coronary heart well being, battle with pores and skin and ear infections, and have neurological points. 

Not solely is the ban aimed toward proudly owning an animal with these attributes, however buying and selling, and importing might be affected as effectively. 

Dutch authorities officers wished to make the announcement forward of the potential ban, in order that households who’re presently contemplating adopting a brand new furry member of the family could issue on this new ruling when making their choice. 

They’re presently creating a listing of the animals that would probably be banned, however no “official” particulars have but been launched. Just a few canine breeds which have these traits embrace: French bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Shih Tzus and Boxers.  


 If that is handed, pet mother and father who presently have an animal that’s included within the ban might be allowed to maintain them till they cross the rainbow bridge. A secondary ban, that can be being proposed, will stop the identical animals from being proven in ads. 

“Seeing a sure kind of pet incessantly or prominently usually will increase demand for it,” mentioned the Ministry concerning the topic.

In relation to the cats with folded ears, they fall into the Scottish Fold breed and their “cute ears” are the results of a genetic mutation. Sadly, the cat’s ears aren’t the one factor affected, and the mutation can lead to a lifetime of struggling. 

“This inherited cartilage defect causes different deformities all through the physique and is a dominant trait, which means all kittens within the litter might be affected,” mentioned the RSPCA in Australia.

Some cats have even turn out to be fully crippled, and a few critical abnormalities can embrace arthritis, thick and rigid tails, spinal points, and quick and stiff legs. 

Scotish Fold

Even when makes an attempt have been made to create a more healthy cat by mixing with different breeds, the devastating results of the illness nonetheless introduced in each anatomy and habits. 

Each bans are complicated and can take time to work out, however Adema desires residents to know that modifications are coming, and that the Ministry is decided to do what’s finest for the animals.

Rafael Gomes de Azevedo
Rafael Gomes de Azevedo
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