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Synthetic Feathers Assist Manueverability – RotorDrone

Artificial Feathers Help Manueverability

On the Swiss EPFL Know-how Institute, a drone has been outfitted with feathers to extend its precision throughout flight. The bio-inspired system can unfold or shut its wings whereas flying, making it simpler to maneuver and extra resistant in excessive winds. After rigorously observing birds in flight, researchers from the EPFL Laboratory of Clever Programs got here up with the thought of constructing an energy-efficient winged drone able to altering its wingspan, flying at excessive velocity and shifting via tight areas. The staff developed a drone fitted with maneuverable quill feathers that operate like the massive quill feathers of a hen situated on the fringe of the wing. The drone’s synthetic feathers are product of fiberglass and coated in a sturdy nylon cloth. The researchers found that the drone didn’t want ailerons to assist the airborne drone flip. “By altering the wingspan and floor space throughout flight, we might make it flip robotically,” stated analysis chief Dario Floreano, head of the Laboratory of Clever Programs. The feather-winged drone’s massive aeronautical benefit over standard drones is its means to adapt to wind situations. That might show significantly invaluable at low altitudes in city environments the place winds change quickly, Floreano stated. Watch a video right here. For particulars, see the report on


Bird-like Drone Gains Maneuverability using Artificial Feathers

Bird-like Drone Gains Maneuverability using Artificial Feathers

Bird-like Drone Gains Maneuverability using Artificial Feathers



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