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Dementia Diagnoses Underneath 65 Have Elevated 200% — Right here’s Why

The most important reason for early-onset dementia is genetics. In line with a 2020 assessment from The Lancet, extreme alcohol utilization and traumatic mind damage1 (TBI) are two main danger components for early-onset dementia as properly. 

Although you may’t change your genetics, there are a selection of belongings you can do to stop your danger of growing dementia (each early-onset and late-onset). Monitoring your alcohol consumption and defending your mind from TBI (i.e., by sporting a helmet throughout contact sports activities and a seatbelt within the automotive) or a superb place to start out. 

Consuming brain-healthy meals, getting enough restful sleep, and supporting optimum cognitive operate by way of high-quality supplementation (e.g., taking a day by day complement with citicoline, a neuronutrient that has been clinically proven to enhance cognitive impairment) can additional bolster your mind longevity.

Rafael Gomes de Azevedo
Rafael Gomes de Azevedo
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