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Cease Your Cat from Bullying Different Cats

  • Not an alternative to skilled veterinary assist.

If you happen to’ve obtained a couple of cat or a cat in addition to different pets, there’s certain to be drama sooner or later. If you happen to’re questioning cease your cat from bullying your different cat, the reply won’t be so easy, and also you’re going to wish to step in.

Generally it may be laborious to inform in case your cats are enjoying or actually preventing. But when your cat is exhibiting the next behaviors, these are indicators you’re coping with a cat bully:

  • Puffing up fur
  • Growling & hissing
  • Bodily injuring the opposite cat or pet (clawing, biting, and so on.)

However don’t fear. If you happen to’re coping with a cat bully, there are steps you’ll be able to take to resolve the issue. Lauren Parsch, a cat behaviorist with Furratic Habits, advises that no cat is a real ‘bully’. It’s at all times a habits influenced by their surroundings. The most typical causes of bullying she sees need to do with a perceived lack of assets within the house, a scarcity of stimulation, and redirected aggression.

So whereas your cat may be displaying aggression, this isn’t an innate character trait, and you’ll at all times discover a answer. Beneath, we dive deep into the explanations behind your cat’s bullying habits, cease it, and spot the distinction between play preventing and actual preventing.

Why Your Cat Is Being Imply and Cease It

Cats are territorial animals who had a strict pecking order again of their wildcat historical past. However there are many different causes your cat would possibly show aggressive behaviors too. And relying on the trigger, there are other ways you’ll be able to intervene to cease it.

Two cats about to fight


1. Trauma

In case your cat has skilled trauma up to now, having one other cat or pet in the home could set off them. This might induce aggressive or bullying habits as they try to guard themselves from being harm once more.

What to do: Communicate to a veterinary behaviorist to determine the most effective answer to cut back your cat’s triggers and bullying-like behaviors.

2. Medical considerations/bodily discomfort

In case your cat is affected by a medical situation like osteoarthritis, dental illness, hyperthyroidism, or issues with their central nervous system, they might show indicators of being a cat bully.

What to do: To find out any medical situations inflicting the bullying, take your cat to the vet. As soon as your cat’s ache is relieved, they’re prone to settle down and turn out to be extra docile.

3. New cat or unfamiliar pet in the home

Is your cat afraid of your different cat or pet? This concern can manifest as bullying behaviors as a result of they don’t understand how else to speak their feelings.

What to do: It’s a good suggestion to separate your pets, then slowly reintroduce them to cut back the uncertainty. It will make all of your pets extra comfy with one another. Listed here are some step-by-step directions on introduce your cat to a different cat and introduce a cat to a canine family.

Two new cats in a house interacting and establishing dominance


4. Useful resource guarding and/or territorial habits

Bullying may come within the type of territorial behaviors. Cats are hunters, and their ancestors needed to guard what was theirs in an effort to survive. These days, in home cats, this would possibly come throughout in anti-social habits like peeing outdoors the cat litter field and guarding favourite toys or sleeping spots.

Parsch says cats may additionally show bullying behaviors in a house with too few cat ‘assets’ or they’re multi functional place. Don’t be afraid to unfold issues out.

What to do: To inhibit aggressive behaviors, make certain every of your cats has their very own protected areas, toys, litter packing containers, and meals bowls. With lots to go round, this may assist cease your cats from preventing over what’s theirs.

5. Mating season

Is your cat in warmth, or is it mating season? In case your cat hasn’t been spayed or neutered, cat bullying can worsen throughout these instances. Particularly between cats of the identical intercourse.

What to do: A easy answer is to ebook an appointment to get your cat mounted. Typically, spayed and neutered cats are much less aggressive and extra pleasant with one another. But when that’s not an possibility, you would possibly think about holding them aside throughout these instances to keep away from battle.

6. Pecking order

When introducing a brand new cat or kitten to the household, they’ll attempt to set up dominance. This would possibly provoke preventing till the pecking order is ready.

What to do: As a pet father or mother, it’s greatest to respect this pecking order to keep away from extra preventing. This could embrace feeding the dominant cat first or letting them select their favourite spot on the sofa earlier than the opposite cat sits. Nevertheless, if the bullying continues or worsens, this isn’t one thing you must pander to, so it’s time for a vet or behaviorist to step in.

New kittens being introduced to each other


7. Adjustments in routine

Have you ever modified feeding time since introducing a brand new pet? Or are you giving your new kitten consideration at a time when your older cat is used to having cuddles? This would possibly throw your older cat off and make them really feel uncomfortable. They may present this discomfort by turning into a little bit of a cat bully.

What to do: To keep away from aggressive habits, attempt to hold your routine as comparable as attainable when introducing a brand new cat. Whereas having a brand new kitten is thrilling, make certain to present your older cat simply as a lot consideration to cease them from getting jealous.

8. Adjustments in house surroundings

Cats are very conscious of their surroundings and may be very delicate to any modifications. Issues like new furnishings, rearranging gadgets, placing up seasonal decor, a brand new noisy family equipment, or building work could make cats really feel much less safe of their house and trigger inter-cat tensions.

What to do: Attempt to reduce the influence of those modifications in your cats by holding their favourite spots untouched. Or you would transfer their beds and feeding bowls into one other room when building or constructing work is occurring in your own home to assist hold your cats away from the environmental modifications.

9. Lack of socialization

In case your cat will not be used to different cats or hasn’t socialized with different pets, the introduction of a brand new animal to the family could trigger them to turn out to be a cat bully. It’s because they received’t perceive cope with anybody apart from their favourite human. They may be scared, confused, or not sure, and this might trigger aggressive behaviors.

What to do: In case your cat isn’t very socialized, it’s much more necessary to introduce them regularly to new pets.

A cat hunting and playing with a toy


10. Lack of predatory shops

Is your cat a real home cat? Do they by no means go outdoors to chase prey? Properly, then they may be feeling out of sync with their predatory instincts. As an alternative of taking their frustrations out on prey, they will as a substitute flip right into a cat bully.

Parsch reminds us that within the wild, cats may be prey in addition to predators. So any lack of assets or menace within the wild can imply imminent dying. And whereas they may appear all cozy and pampered at house, their natural instincts can nonetheless take maintain! The predator drive may kick in when your cat is overstimulated.

What to do: To keep away from bullying habits, make certain your cat stimulates their predatory instincts with fascinating cat toys or by giving them some extra time outdoor if attainable. In case your cat is providing you with indicators they don’t need to be pet any longer, don’t attempt to power it. Allow them to hop off your lap to go and sit quietly elsewhere. If you happen to power them to remain, they will turn out to be aggressive towards you or different cats close by.

Is My Cat Being Bullied?

In case your cat isn’t the one being aggressive, you would possibly marvel in case your cat is as a substitute being bullied. The indicators a cat is being bullied embrace the next.

  • Operating away
  • Hiding
  • Urinating or pooping in inappropriate locations
  • Appearing scared
  • Consuming much less or stopping consuming fully
  • Ears down or pinned again
  • Eyes vast with dilated pupils
  • Weight shifted onto the hind legs, stomach low to the ground

Play-fighting vs. Combating — What’s the Distinction?

It may be tough to inform when cats are simply play-fighting or really preventing. Parsch instructed us key variations to look out for, together with the next.

Your cats are play-fighting

  • Bouncing round
  • Playful, mild swatting
  • Chasing
  • Some hissing
  • Ears up with a relaxed stance
  • Cuddling or grooming one another afterward

Your cats are preventing

  • Puffing up fur
  • Heavy hissing, growling, spitting, or screaming
  • Inflicting damage/drawing blood
  • Ears ahead with an aggressive stance
Two kittens play fighting with each other


Break Up a Cat Struggle

In case your cats are in a struggle and also you need to cease them doing any hurt, you’re going to have to interrupt it up. However it’s good to be sure you achieve this safely. Each for you, and your cats.

1. Strive utilizing water

Put some water in a sprig bottle and spray it on the cat bully. This ought to be achieved from a protected distance. Most cats don’t like water, so this could act as a protected deterrent. In actual fact, after you’ve achieved this just a few instances, your cat would possibly even run off simply from the sight of the bottle.

Parsch recommends that that is the one time you must use water in your cat. You don’t need to danger breaking the bond along with your kitty and make them afraid of you.

2. Make a loud noise

Clap your palms collectively loudly to startle the cats out of preventing, yell ‘Hey,’ or bang on a saucepan. The loud noise shouldn’t frighten them however as a substitute distract them from preventing, to allow them to cool off and separate.

3. Keep away from getting concerned.

Don’t hit, kick or try and get entangled within the catfight in any means—even when it’s to guard the cat being bullied. Assembly aggression with aggression is rarely the reply. You would additionally get your self injured within the course of. You must also keep away from choosing a cat up after a struggle is over if attainable. They might nonetheless be feeling weak, so this might trigger additional misery.

4. Toss something over your cat

Nevertheless, there are some causes you would possibly want to select your cat up after a struggle. Or to get them to security. In these conditions, it’s a good suggestion to throw a blanket or towel over your cat. Parsch advises that an upturned laundry basket or field is an effective possibility too!

It’d sound unusual, however this will help calm your cat and make them really feel protected, and you’ll then safely carry your cat away from hazard. Or shuffle the basket into one other room with them inside it—shifting them away from the hostile scenario. Afterward, depart them alone.

Two cats cuddling after becoming friends

iStock/Svetlana Popova

Takeaway: Assist Your Cats Like Every Different

So, how do you cease your cat from bullying different cats? There are many methods you’ll be able to cease your cats from being imply and preventing one another. It’d take a while, however there’s nothing like having concord in your house.

Listed here are some issues you’ll be able to strive:

  • Construct a relaxed surroundings the place every cat has their very own particular place with their toys and mattress.
  • Distract your cat bully with noise or toys. Any noise shouldn’t be sufficient to scare your cat. It ought to simply draw their consideration away from being aggressive towards different pets.
  • Calming collars or diffusers—these emit cat pheromones (which people can’t odor) that assist cats to settle down. You’ll be able to choose one up on the pet retailer or on-line. Ask your vet for suggestions.
  • Use constructive reinforcement to rebuild belief via constructive affiliation. Give treats after they’re behaving properly close to one other cat or pleasant in direction of different pets.
  • Separate and reintroduce your cats slowly.
  • Learn to introduce new cats or cats to canines.

If you happen to’ve tried all the pieces and your cats nonetheless simply don’t appear to be getting on, it’s time to usher in an expert. Your vet would possibly refer you to a specialist cat behaviorist that can assist you out.

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