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Blue Calcite: Rebalance Your Emotional Physique With This Soothing Stone

Have you ever ever been scrolling in your telephone, and the picture of an excellent crystal catches your consideration? You learn the caption, and also you’re struck by how a lot the dear gem’s properties resonate with you.

It was the precise message on the proper time.

beautiful photos of crystals on social media throughout troublesome occasions has an uplifting impact. Even when I don’t order one, their vitality has reached me via the display.

When this occurred a number of occasions, I lastly went to the closest crystal retailer to see what I might discover. I selected a gorgeous stone that matches excellent in my hand, my first blue calcite.

I regarded on the mild blue stone and was mesmerized. The swirls of blue with white waves combined inside.

That’s the magic of crystal therapeutic. It impacts us in a means I don’t assume science might ever show.

Questioning about blue calcite’s soothing and therapeutic qualities? On this article, I’m sharing why this stone is so particular and my high picks of lovely blue calcite jewellery and crystals.

What Is The Blue Calcite Which means & The place Does It Come From?

Blue calcite is a blue shade of the mineral calcite. It’s a crystal type of calcium carbonate and seems waxy in its pure state. Calcite is quite common and is even used to make chalk, whereas calcium carbonate is used to make antacids.

When blue calcite is polished, it could comprise various shades of blue and infrequently white bands. It’s a naturally brittle stone, so that you’ll know if yours is actual if it may be scratched with a knife.

Blue calcite is present in Britain, Mexico, Iceland, South Africa, and the US. One other number of calcite is Caribbean blue calcite. A part of the identical household as blue calcite, Caribbean blue calcite was initially found in Pakistan in 2019.

It has the Caribbean identify as a result of it resembles the world’s seashores. It accommodates streaks of blue calcite, however what makes it totally different are its inclusions of white aragonite and brown aragonite.

Each blue calcite and Caribbean blue calcite hook up with the third eye chakra. However the brown aragonite within the latter additionally has hyperlinks to the sacral chakra, igniting your innate ardour and creativity. In the meantime, the white aragonite prompts the crown chakra, elevating your vibration and enhancing your consciousness of your larger self.

Blue Calcite Therapeutic Properties

Blue calcite is finest recognized for calming the thoughts and decreasing stress. However there are lots of different therapeutic and non secular qualities.

Blue Calcite Bodily Therapeutic Properties

  • Eases ache and discomfort
  • Helps subside migraines and complications
  • Reduces irritation to assist heal accidents
  • Aids absorption of minerals to spice up the immune system
  • Assists deep respiratory to decrease blood strain and relieve ache

Blue Calcite Emotional Therapeutic Properties

  • Promotes inside peace and calm
  • Dissipates grief, anger, unhappiness, and different adverse feelings
  • Enhances communication and social expertise, selling wholesome relationships
  • Improves vanity and self-confidence, aiding in private progress and improvement

Non secular Therapeutic Properties Of Blue Calcite

  • Prompts the third eye and throat chakras
  • Enhances instinct and psychic skills
  • Helps non secular awakening and improvement
  • Boosts manifestation of constructive vitality and intentions
  • Helps you entry larger ranges of consciousness

What Is Blue Calcite Stone Good For?

Blue calcite attunes to the throat and third eye chakras, the physique’s vitality facilities for communication and instinct. The vibration this stone prompts inside these chakras assists you with non secular, psychic, or therapeutic work.

For instance, in the event you encounter author’s block and notice your throat chakra is blocked, sporting blue calcite can enhance the vitality circulation right here, improve readability and self-assurance, and carry away anxiousness. Then you’ll find the phrases you have to talk your concepts.

One other time you could wish to work with this stone is to intensify your psychic skills. Blue calcite is related to non secular progress and improvement and may also help you join together with your larger self and entry your instinct.

Meditating with blue calcite will mean you can focus your thoughts and obtain a deeper state of rest. This heightened state of consciousness can enhance creativity, dream recall, and non secular communication.

Lastly, as a protecting stone, Blue calcite has qualities which will assist deter theft. Combine blue calcite right into a crystal grid in your house to amplify its protecting vitality.

Greatest Blue Calcite Crystals

Blue calcite is formed into many types. I like to recommend making an attempt a number of sorts in case you are new to utilizing this blue crystal.

Blue Calcite Uncooked Crystal

Uncooked blue calcite crystals are untreated and unpolished. As a result of they’re of their most pure state, they vibrate on the highest frequency and join deeply to the Earth.

Uncooked crystals are imperfect, and no two are precisely alike. You could find all sizes of uncooked blue calcite. These pure gems remind us of our magnificence, flaws, and all.

You should utilize blue calcite uncooked crystals in your house, in jewellery, or simply carry a single stone in your pocket, bag, or purse. Unpolished blue calcite stones are softer than tumbled stones, so they need to be wrapped in a fabric or positioned alone in a small linen bag to stop injury.

Caribbean Blue Calcite Palm Stone

Crystal palm stones, additionally known as fear stones, are polished crystals that slot in your hand. Merely holding a crystal for a number of moments can change your mindset and increase your energetic frequency, so why not add a brief centering observe with this crystal to your morning routine?

It’s important to program your palm stone together with your intention earlier than you utilize it. You are able to do this by holding it in your hand and specializing in what you need it to help with. You may then use it in each day meditation, place it by your yoga mat, or preserve it in your purse to be inside your vitality discipline.

It’s straightforward to get misplaced gazing right into a Caribbean blue calcite palm stone resembling the seaside and Caribbean blue waters. Use this stone to activate your sacral chakra and enliven your ardour and creativity. Caribbean blue calcite additionally prompts the crown chakra, which is able to provide help to attain larger consciousness.

Blue Calcite Therapeutic massage Stone

A blue calcite therapeutic massage stone will increase the advantages of energetic and bodily therapeutic. The crystals are made into many shapes particularly designed for therapeutic massage and reiki. A blue calcite therapeutic massage stone improves total wellness because the crystal’s vibrations help in clearing, balancing, and energizing the physique’s vitality facilities.

Easy wands, flat palm stones, and spheres can all cut back muscle ache and unlock blocked vitality within the delicate physique. To expertise these further advantages, search a therapeutic massage therapist aware of utilizing crystals of their bodywork observe. 

In case you can’t get to a therapeutic massage therapist, don’t fear. You should utilize this blue stone to hook up with your larger self by inserting it over the third eye chakra (between the eyebrows). It’s also possible to place Blue calcite over the throat chakra to enhance communication and self-expression.

Blue Calcite Crystal Therapeutic Wand

Crystal therapeutic wands are stones carved into factors or obelisks. You could find them constituted of many several types of crystals with varied advantages. Some therapeutic wands have their edges smoothed or rounded to stop pores and skin harm. These are finest for facial or physique therapeutic massage.

This explicit blue calcite crystal therapeutic wand has some extent that permits you to direct the crystal’s vitality to a targeted space, making it a superb instrument for chakra balancing. Directing it to the throat chakra will assist enhance communication throughout battle.

Level the wand at your throat (the place the throat chakra resides) and cleanse the world by circling the rod clockwise. Proceed till you intuitively really feel the vitality lighten. This observe helps dissolve anxiousness so you may resolve points with clear and sincere communication.

Utilizing a blue calcite wand in crystal grids will amplify the calming results, extending them to anybody coming into the house.

Greatest Blue Calcite Jewellery

Blue calcite’s vibrant shades of blue stand out fantastically when worn on the physique. Furthermore, sporting blue calcite jewellery imparts holistic therapeutic advantages to the wearer of those beautiful gems.

Blue Calcite Earrings

By sporting these Teardrop blue calcite earrings, the crystal will sit between its two most responsive chakras, the third eye and throat chakras. Sporting blue calcite earrings brings in larger vibrational messages and helps you entry or deepen your psychic skills. Improve this profit by sporting them throughout meditation.

Blue Calcite Bracelet

Faucet into the bodily advantages of blue calcite by sporting a pure stone bracelet. If you’re recovering from an harm or experiencing ache, bringing your pores and skin into contact with blue calcite can relieve discomfort and soothe irritation.

Pores and skin contact with blue calcite jewellery additionally turns your consideration to deep respiratory—one thing virtually everybody must do extra of. Deep respiratory reduces blood strain and results in muscle rest, which in flip, promotes ache reduction.

Blue Calcite Pendulum

Once you want perception into relationships, your profession, or your well being, a crystal pendulum may be useful. They require no particular coaching and are very handy as they take only a few minutes to make use of.

On this pendulum, a blue calcite crystal connects to 1 finish of a silver chain. Maintain the tip of the chain so the crystal is aimed over a chakra, pendulum board, or simply up within the air. To see the pendulum’s reply to your questions, watch the route it strikes over the board.

Which Different Stones Work Properly With Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite is a mild stone that promotes clear communication and fills your thoughts with inside peace. It pairs nicely with many different stones, particularly blue kyanite and petalite.

Blue kyanite

Blue kyanite helps clear adverse vitality, promotes rest, and balances the throat chakra. Combining the 2 will cut back stress and convey a way of calm into your thoughts and physique. These two crystals collectively will domesticate confidence and genuine self-expression.


Petalite balances feelings to degree out temper swings. Pairing this gem with blue calcite’s emotional therapeutic properties helps create a harmonious frame of mind. Each of those stones relate to non secular progress and improvement.

Used collectively, they create a high-vibration atmosphere. Including each petalite and blue calcite to meditation or non secular practices is good for nourishing a reference to the divine.

Different Crystals

Smithsonite instills forgiveness and compassion in its person. Blue calcite helps you launch resentment. Utilizing them collectively initiates forgiveness of your self and others.

The excessive vibrational crystal selenite aids psychological readability. Blue calcite helps studying new ideas. Utilizing the 2 collectively creates a robust instrument for learning. It’s also possible to place them underneath your pillow for restful sleep or to extend creativity.

How To Cost Your Blue Calcite Crystal?

Wherever you purchase a crystal from, seemingly many individuals got here into contact with it earlier than you, and thus, it has already absorbed quite a lot of vitality. For blue calcite to soak up adverse vitality out of your aura and atmosphere rapidly, it’s finest to “reset it” earlier than you begin utilizing it.

There are a number of acceptable methods to cleanse and cost blue calcite that won’t injury it. However one factor you shouldn’t do is sock it in water. Whereas blue calcite could resemble shifting water, soaking it could actually injury it.

Listed below are another methods to cleanse and cost blue stones.

Activate It With Selenite Or Tibetan Quartz

Selenite is a stone that may reset and purify a crystal’s vitality. Selenite’s vibration is so excessive it by no means wants cleaning. Place your blue calcite in a selenite bowl or charging plate to reset and activate your gem.

Now your stone is prepared for programming or speaking your intention for the stone. Programming is a part of crystal activation.

When you might have expertise in crystal therapeutic, you may incorporate Tibetan quartz as an activating crystal. Tibetan quartz is a robust amplifier that deposits a lot vitality over a brief distance.

Level a Tibetan quartz wand or a number of small crystals at your blue quartz. Select an intention associated to the advantages of blue quartz, then say it out loud or in your thoughts to set the stone’s objective.

Go away It Out Beneath Moonlight

In case you depart your blue calcite crystal outdoors within the moonlight, it would recharge underneath the magic glow, particularly in the event you depart it out throughout the full moon. Place your stone on a pure materials, similar to sand or grass, and canopy it with a transparent container to remain dry.

Place It In A Bowl Of Brown Rice

Whilst you can’t soak blue calcite in water, you may depart it in a bowl of brown rice. Brown rice is an affordable, dry materials that may draw any adverse vitality out of blue calcite and into itself.

Bury your crystal in a bowl of raw, natural brown rice, and depart it to cleanse for 24 hours. Then mud your crystal with a mushy fabric and throw away the used rice.

Sage Smudging

Smudging is one other highly effective methodology to cleanse your blue calcite.

  1. Gentle a sage smudge stick or incense over a non-flammable container, similar to an abalone shell or incense tray.
  2. Shortly blow out the flame, and also you’ll see a purple glow.
  3. Place sage or incense on the shell or tray.
  4. Maintain your crystal inside the smoke for about thirty seconds.

Ultimate Ideas On Blue Calcite Stones

Once you carry blue calcite, discover the way it brings up emotions of tranquility. Its gleaming floor and calming impact can have you envisioning your self on a secluded seaside free from worries, with the waves crashing in opposition to the shore and the solar warming your legs.

Blue calcite is a present from nature that reminds us to let our troubles recede just like the tide. It helps us see the wonder inside ourselves once we create the house.

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