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A watermark for chatbots can spot textual content written by an AI

For instance, since OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT was launched in November, college students have already began dishonest through the use of it to put in writing essays for them. Information web site CNET has used ChatGPT to put in writing articles, solely to need to situation corrections amid accusations of plagiarism. Constructing the watermarking strategy into such programs earlier than they’re launched may assist tackle such issues. 

In research, these watermarks have already been used to establish AI-generated textual content with close to certainty. Researchers on the College of Maryland, for instance, had been in a position to spot textual content created by Meta’s open-source language mannequin, OPT-6.7B, utilizing a detection algorithm they constructed. The work is described in a paper that’s but to be peer-reviewed, and the code can be accessible at no cost round February 15. 

AI language fashions work by predicting and producing one phrase at a time. After every phrase, the watermarking algorithm randomly divides the language mannequin’s vocabulary into phrases on a “greenlist” and a “redlist” after which prompts the mannequin to decide on phrases on the greenlist. 

The extra greenlisted phrases in a passage, the extra possible it’s that the textual content was generated by a machine. Textual content written by an individual tends to include a extra random mixture of phrases. For instance, for the phrase “stunning,” the watermarking algorithm may classify the phrase “flower” as inexperienced and “orchid” as purple. The AI mannequin with the watermarking algorithm could be extra possible to make use of the phrase “flower” than “orchid,” explains Tom Goldstein, an assistant professor on the College of Maryland, who was concerned within the analysis. 

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Rafael Gomes de Azevedo
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