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7 Chair Yoga Poses – Yoga with Kassandra Weblog

Chair yoga actually is for everybody. Whether or not you’ve restricted mobility, knee points, are a newbie yogi, work in an workplace… what have you ever. A fast chair yoga stretch is nice.

Just remember to have a sturdy and secure chair. It might have arms or not.

  1. Shoulder Stretch – Sitting ahead on the chair, with the ft flat on the ground, attain the crown as much as the sky. Shrug the shoulders down and away from the ears. Carry the palms to the highest of the shoulders. Make large circles with the elbows, bringing them ahead, aspect and down. Resist the urge to shrug the shoulders up.

2. Seated Cat/Cow – Carry the palms to the tops of the knees. Inhale, lifting the chest, squeezing the shoulder blades again, arching the again and looking out up. Exhale to spherical and contract. Use the palms on the knees to get deep sensation in backbone. Do 5 or so rounds.

3. Spinal Twist – Elevate up tall, lengthen the arms in entrance of you and press the palms collectively. Inhale to elongate. Preserve that size as you twist. Opening proper arm out to the aspect, twisting open to the fitting. Maintain each hips shining ahead. Solely rotating the torso. Exhale to middle. Alternate aspect to aspect with the breath for just a few rounds.

4. Hamstring Stretch – Carry the palms onto the hips, arm rests or sides of the chairs. Be sure to’re on the entrance of the chair. Straighten the fitting leg and flex the foot. Elevate the chest up and tilt ahead till you’re feeling a hamstring stretch. Consider sustaining a flat again, and deal with curling the fitting toes again.

5. Hip Flexor and Core Energy – Elevate again up. Level by way of the fitting toes. Attempt to elevate the fitting leg up, thighs parallel. Then faucet the toes down. Attempt to not spherical and contract by way of the backbone. Repeat about 5 occasions.

Swap sides and repeat 4 and 5.

6. Goddess – Open the legs vast. Align the knees over the second and third toe. Carry the palms on prime of the thighs. Keep right here or add a twist. Dropping proper shoulder down. Utilizing the fitting hand to push the fitting thigh open a bit extra. Come by way of middle. Then drop left shoulder down.

7. Low Lunge – Open the fitting knee to the aspect. Drop the left knee down, tucking the left toes. Flip to face the fitting aspect. Maintain the shoulders over the hips. Maintain the again of the chair or arm relaxation. Tailbone reaching down. Perhaps reaching the left hand up.

These 7 poses come from a 15 minute chair yoga apply I shared throughout my channel and app.


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