Run With Movement App and Earn Money

Run and Earn money with movement app

Background of Digital Currency

Run With Movement App and Earn Money

Digital Currency in 2017 experienced the most significant development throughout history. Public as finding new things that can be used as an alternative payment that can pass government regulations that hamper the rate of one’s business. This is evidenced by the rise in the price of Bitcoin up to 12,750 USD / 1 BTC (on today 6 December 2017 data from coinmarketcap.com) rose 200% since October 16, 2017.  This price is believed to continue to increase given that Bitcoin is the parent of all digital currencies or cryptocurrency. Lots of government and elite adoptions are interested in using Blockchain technology. They began to study and glance at the technology used by Bitcoin and try to implement it in daily life.

As the Bitcoin trend increases, many coin cryptocurrency coins emerge with their luck. They issue a coin or token and then divide it into the community to make the coin known. Usually they sell coins or do an airdrop event for the coins to get recognition from the crypto community and investors. And in my opinion, there will be many new cryptocurrency coins that will have special utilities that can help alleviate community activity.

Growth of SmartPhone User

The number of SmartPhone users is increasing every year. In Indonesia ,  SmartPhone like to be the basic needs of someone who can beat the real basic needs. People who live without SmartPhone, they feel such as losing their identity in this all-round era. SmartPhone is used for everyday purposes replacing obsolete mobile roles. Android and iOS come with a variety of features that fit for business people, students, children, adults, farmers, athletes and even traveler. Although the price is more expensive, but all users feel more helpful with the presence of the current SmartPhone and now also become dependent. Prices are priced starting from 100 USD or equivalent to 1.3 million IDR to 2000 USD or equivalent to 13 million IDR, can even be more expensive.

Movement ICO

Movement App is an app that can turn a person activity into a digital coin . By using Movement App, everyone makes it possible to earn extra income when reaching a certain distance. Combining lifestyles and digital currencies, anyone running or walking in their daily activities is entitled to a RUN Coin prize, a Coin that can only be used on Movement apps and not an ERC20 token. With coins generated from Movement App, everyone can collect them for exchange with some sports equipment, health supplements, sportswear, Yoga courses, and fitness. In addition to being exchanged for some prizes, RUN Coin can also be exchanged with Token ERC20 that is MOVE Token.

ICO, an extension of Initial Coin Offering is a public invitation to purchase new coins issued by certain platforms that have special utilities according to the services provided by the platform. Movement ICO released the official token named MOVE Token which is a token based on Ethereum ERC20 for sale to the public. The advantage of people who buy MOVE Token from Movement App ICO is that they will get the cheapest price for buying directly from Movement App ICO developers. Then the person who purchased the MOVE Token will get an early access on the application at the Alpha or Beta Testing stage. It is also possible that the person can discuss directly with the progress and future development of the ICO & Project Movement via Telegram . Here’s a brief overview of ICO Movement :

  • Location: USA
  • Token Symbol: MOVE
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total Token Released: 21,172,000 MOVE
  • Allocation For Team: 1,000,000 MOVE
  • Allocation For Bounty: 2,000,000 MOVE
  • Saved For Platform Development: 2,100,000 MOVE
  • ICO bonus: 3,000,000 MOVE
  • Receiving: Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)

Movement App Pre-ICO

  • Movement Pre-ICO Start Date: December 15, 2017
  • Movement Pre-ICO End Date: December 25, 2017
  • Movement Pre-ICO Token Sale Cap: 3,072,000 MOVE
  • Minimum Transaction: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Transaction: Unlimited
  • Exchange Rate Token: 1200 MOVE / ETH (Stage 1), 1080 MOVE / ETH (Stage 2), 960 MOVE / ETH (Stage 3), 840 MOVE / ETH (Stage 3).

Movement App ICO

  • Movement ICO Start Date: February 2018
  • Movement ICO End Date: March 2018
  • Movement App ICO Token Sale Cap: 10,000,000 MOVE
  • Token Price: 600 MOVE / ETH
  • Minimal Transaction: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximize Transactions: Unlimited
  • Stage Bonus: 20%, 10%, 5%

MOVE Token will be sent directly to each wallet after paying on Smart Contract provided.

Movement App ICO According to My Opinion

In the 21st century, a lot of technology that pamper human activity. As technology progresses, I see that everyone becomes less mobile or sporting. People tend to laze around with the sophisticated SmartPhone that can connect through chat services with distant people, or maybe busy playing games, there is also a daily routine live in social media. People are now so busy that they forget about the sport, which as we know, that exercise can maintain the stability and health of our bodies.

With the hardness of Movement App, I think this can be used as a solution for everyone who feels lazy in sports. Users will get two benefits at once when using Movement App when running, which is getting health and getting a reward. Gifts offered by Movement App can be used as a motivation for people who are reluctant to exercise. In Movement App, users can also complete the mission provided by the application to get RUN Coin, then use the RUN Coin to shop on App Shop provided in the app.

Indeed a similar idea exists, but the system used is different. Since I am a member of the cryptocurrency community, I prefer Movement App to be selected as a friend running every morning and afternoon

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Movement ICO Links

Movement Website : https://www.movementapp.io/

Movement Whitepaper : https://d3pdmwutokxl28.cloudfront.net/Movement_App_Whitepaper_Final.pdf

Movement ANN Thread Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2368871

Movement Telegram : https://t.me/movementapp

This article is made for consideration only. All investment actions are absolute at your own discretion and I am not responsible for your risk.

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