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Beluga Pay ICO is certified by MasterCard and VISA

What is BBI Tokens? BBI Tokens is the only utility token released by BELUGA Platform that can be used for some of the purposes provided by the BELUGA platform. BBI is an extension of Beluga Banking Infrastructure. This BBI Tokens is a Ethereum-based token compatible with the ERC20 wallet. The BBI token distribution system will be through the Beluga Pay ICO (Initial Coin Offering) event and the number of tokens released is very limited.

ICO is an unregulated fundraising event held by a platform or start-up to raise capital for platform formation and platform development. Generally ICO programmers are issuing a new utility token for sale which will have special uses. I hope you all have an investment advisor or the like if you want to invest by buying ICO tokens. And a little note from me, that this article should not be used as an excuse to invest. I am not responsible for the results you receive, because all kinds of investments that you do absolutely based on your own decisions. I will only explain some of the benefits that can be obtained for the BBI Tokens holders.

Beluga Pay ICO & BBI Tokens

Beluga Pay is the most complete POS (Point Of Sale) mobile system in the world that is decentralized. With the payment system from Beluga, all transactions will be guaranteed to be more secure and trustworthy for small or medium merchants in cooperation with the Beluga Platform. All hardware and software equipment released by Beluga are connected to a blockchain network, so that all types of transactions will be ensured safer and faster. Beluga also allows everyone to transact using fiat currency and cryptocurrency as a means of payment at Point Of Sale. A convenience to the cryptocurrency community we know that holders of tokens or cryptocurrency coins are growing annually.

Beluga Pay ICO is a safe ICO program because it has been certified by VISA and MasterCard. A total of 100,000,000 BBI Tokens is released by Beluga for fundraising purposes, which fundraising funds will be used for the development of the Beluga platform. Some of the ICO information I have captured under Whitepaper and Official Website from Beluga Pay is as follows :

Token Allocation :

  • 5M > Community
  • 40M > ICO
  • 5M > Banking Partners
  • 5M > Payment Data Provide
  • 40M > Teams (20M Locked for 6 month dan 20M Locked for 1 year)
  • 5M >  Nodes

Important dates :

  • ICO Starts : 1 December 2017
  • ICO Ends : 14 Januari 2018
  • Normal Price : 1 ETH = 288 BBI Tokens
  • Token Release & Trading Begins : 15 January 2018
  • Smart Contract Release : 1 November 2017

For accurate information or data, please visit the official website of Beluga Pay at https://www.belugapay.com/ or inquire directly to Team or Developer at telegram https://t.me/belugapay.

Use of BBI Tokens

Beluga offers several services that can be enjoyed by BBI Tokens Holders and the public. Usefulness of this BBI Tokens may be taken into consideration, how many BBI Tokens you want to buy and for what your BBI Tokens later. In addition, the BBI Tokens will be available on the exchangers on February 14, 2018. So, for those who have excessive BBI Tokens, you can sell it to Exchangers that support pairs BBI. Here are some things that can be done by the holder of BBI Tokens as follows

BBI Tokens is used for GAS

GAS works like fuel on a motor vehicle. So, to enjoy the service on the Beluga platform, users must have a number of BBI Tokens to be used as a fuel of the transaction. For example, someone wants to borrow funds on the Beluga platform, before his funds are sent to his personal wallet, then that person is required to pay a certain amount of GAS so that the transaction can be validated and successful.

BBI Tokens for Premium Membership for Merchants

The more crowded a store or merchant, the more transactions that will occur. Some of the problems that often occur is, the speed of the transaction required for vital activities.

BBI Tokens can be used as a means of payment to subscribe or become a Premium Member on the Beluga platform. The difference between a partner who is a premium member with a normal member status is the priority of the transaction. If a normal member performs a transaction such as withdrawal of funds or lending of funds, then the transaction process will take up to 3 business days. While all transactions made by premium membership only takes 1 working day.

For example: Jhon borrowed some money on Beluga Loans on Friday. So the service from John will be finished on Wednesday, because Saturday and Sunday are holidays. But if a partner with Premium Membership status submits a loan, it will be processed on the following Business Day, ie Monday.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty program is perfect for business people who always make transactions using BBI Tokens. Every transaction made by the user by using BBI Tokens, then the user will automatically get points. Users can collect points points that when it reaches a certain limit then the points will be used to be exchanged for various prizes such as, Holiday Ticket, Discount, Ticket Stay at Hotel, Ticket to watch the show and others. So the more transactions a user makes, the greater the chances of the user winning multiple prizes.

Receive Fee

All BBI Tokens holders will get 0.5% fee from all transactions that occur on Beluga network. What about someone who pays with VISA or MasterCard? Then the person will also receive a fee as much as 0.5% of the total transactions that occurred. Likewise with users who make transactions using Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Trade on Cryptocurrency Exchange on February 14, 2018

This will be another option for BBI Tokens holders who want to redeem BBI Tokens with other cryptocurrencies. BBI Tokens will be redeemable at Major Exchangers on February 14, 2018 (According to the Roadmap on Whitepaper). The entry of BBI Tokens in Cryptocurrency Exchanger at once shows the liquidity possessed by this BBI Tokens.


In the investment or purchase of ICO tokens, then what should be taken into consideration is, for what you bought the token?

If the token has many functions and utilities that match with your activity, why not buy this token? It’s later can be used too. BBI Tokens can be used on POS machines on partners who work with the Bleuga platform. This will allow a cryptocurrency holder to buy or sell goods directly to the store. BBI Token also has some advantages to save, as I explained above. If indeed you need BBI Tokens, then you can buy directly on Beluga Pay ICO. And if you need the BBI Tokens in your wallet, then you can sell it on major Exchanger of Cryptocurrency.

Remember, do not make an investment decision based on this article I created. I’m not an economist or a cryptocurrency specialist who advises you to invest. All transactions are absolutely your own and I am not responsible for the results that you get.

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