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Another reference for making decisions on investments in Hut34 ICO, a platform for monetize data,information and knowledge. Explain about team & product

So far there is no solution to monetize data, information and knowledge. We are at a time when all societies are massively adopting digital lifestyles, which causes the Internet to become a dependency in daily activities. Social media platforms and other websites, are vying for large numbers of users and collecting their data for storage in a massive data storage and using it for personal use. During this time, internet players who take advantage of the large number of incoming data and gain financial benefits by selling their data to exchange for advertising is a big platform like Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon. T

his large platform does not give recipients to their users related to data sharing, so many people are already aware and very hate, that he only used as a product of advertising.

The public is now looking for a win win solution in which each party contributing to the shared data should benefit equally. A decentralized platform may be the right solution for the parties concerned. So a platform will get more support from users who will certainly make the pla


tform more developed. Big platforms should also be aware, if there is no user, they are just a empty bucket with no contents at all and will not be able to develop.

Hut34 ICO

The Hut34 project aims to redistribute the power of monetize data, information, and knowledge from the hands of several people back to many by building a global superinteligen together. Hut34 also helps to distribute open interbot networks where data, information, and services can be exchanged and monetize data is come fairly by all. So all the data that users share on the internet such as name, age, place of birth date, religion, hobbies, school, work, pleasure, income and so on can be monetized to earn additional income. Not just data, but information and knowledge such as weather, prices, and other information can also be monetized. The Hut34 network is designed to provide utilities to end users, domain experts, bot builders and services, and IOT data providers, while also providing valuable resources for businesses and marketers.

Participating in Hut34 ICO aims to sponsor the formation of the Hut34 platform so that it can be a solution for data sharing problems on the internet today.

Hut34 ICO will use Entropy tokens with ENT symbols which have unique advantages as well as utilities on the Hut34 platform. ENT is a Ethereum ERC20 based token. A total of 100 million ENT will be released with the following distribution:

Allocation for ICO Hut34: Maximum 30% (30M En Token)
Entropy Foundation: 50% (50juta ENT Token)
Teams and Advisors: 20% (20 million ENT Tokens)
The ICO Hut34 will take place on November 2, 2017 – December 7, 2017. The accepted currency to contribute the HUT34 ICO is Ethereum with a normal rate (without bonus) 1 ETH = 500 ENT Tokens.

Some considerations for participating in Hut34 ICO

  • Team from Hut34 ICO

The success of a project is based on the Team developing the project. For example Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon.com who has succeeded and became the world’s richest person (November 26, 2017). Imagine if Jeff made a new project, of course investors will immediately follow the instructions of Jeff Bezos because im sure, the project will be successful. It was all due to Jeff Bezos’s experience and connections.

Likewise with the ICO Hut34 Team, the life and background history of  Hut34 Team is very important to know for investors. Some profiles of Team and Developer from Hut34 ICO, available on LinkedIn.com. Most of the Team from Hut34 come from Australia. Some of the experiences of ICO Hut34 Team are Founder mathis.ai, Director at Grelis Cramp Pty Ltd, Founder at Thinker Tank, CTO at SkynetInc, Managing Director at Haimat Digital Agency, Account Director at The White Agency and many more experiences that I can not please specify (https://hut34.io/#theteam). Most of them graduate from Top University in Australia such as La Trobe University, The Universit of Auckland and Oxford Brokes University.

Some of the core teams of the Hut34 ICO that may be a consideration for investors to contribute to the Hut34 ICO event are:

Tim McNamara B.Sc (System Architect) : https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-mcnamara-404221137/

Nicholas McDowell (Technology) : https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasmcdowell/

Benjamin Kassel (Communication) : https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjamin-kassel-1a041b28/

  • Products and Services incluce Monetize Data

Products and Services should also be a consideration for investors. A product that has benefits and solve public problems, will certainly be more easily developed due to the needs of the community. Are there any investors who want to sponsor a product that is not clear? Of course not. Therefore, the Hut34 ICO answers all these questions. Some of the products built by Hut34 are as follows:

Bot Services Hut : Is a medium to channel information or knowledge to the end user. Information can be sent to the end user who uses the bot by typing in some instructions and the bot will automatically replicate the instructions. Providers of information or knowledge will get incentives in the form of ENT Token if certain instructions are sent by end users.

Data Services Hut : The growth of IOT (Internet Of Thing) is exponential, the sensors are everywhere but the data is isolated. By connecting this vast data set of opportunities for developers, academics and market analysts is unlimited.

Processing Services Hut : This service effectively provides specific computing services to other huts in Network of Hut34, such as advanced routing and ranking for queries. This may also involve the provision of computing resources for generic large-scale data processing, or the handling of complex complex questions; for example, analyzing financial data networks to generate some form of suggestion or action recommendation. AI machines, business processes, complex queries and more are supported through efficient Hut34 network resource provision.

Marketing Services Hut : As with any large network infrastructure, Hut34 ICO imagines there will be interest from participants who want to be marketed to end users. The cottage can be used to inject marketing materials into the network in exchange for ENT.

  • Token Price Hut34 ICO

Usually a platform that holds ICO for fundraising to start a project will sell token utility cheaply. The market demmands of these tokens will increase as the development of the plaform and user growth.

The token price on Hut34 ICO has a bonus stages, so people who buy ENT tokens at the ICO Hut34 event will get a special price which is certainly cheaper. The following bonus stages are obtained if the investor contributes earlier

Day One: 1 ETH = 750 ENT
Second Week: 1 ETH = 652 ENT
Third Week: 1 ETH = 588 ENT
Week Fourth: 1 ETH = 545 ENT
Week Five: 1 ETH = 500 ENT

With the bonus system as above, then I recommend to make a decision as soon as possible, because the faster buy tokens, of course, the price will be cheaper.

Hut34 ICO Useful Links

Hut34 ICO Website : https://hut34.io/

Hut34 Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2167513.0

Hut34 Whitepaper : https://docsend.com/view/b4h7ygu

Hut34 Twitter : https://twitter.com/hut34project

Hut34 Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/FfSBbxBbWS8SGjMQ4O3wBQ

Hut34 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hut34project/


Hut34 is a project that may be useful for people to solve monetize data, information and knowledge. By contributing to the purchase of coins at Hut34 ICO, it’s the same as you are supporting the Hut34 project to grow. Monetize data and information and knowledge will be more fair with the presence of a decentralized platform that is hut34.

Disclaimer : I am not part of Team and Developer. This article is made not like a financial expert, but just wants to provide information to strengthen the decisions you make. Let’s invest in your own decisions, and I can not interfere and also can not be responsible for all the decisions you make.


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