4 Considerations To Buy ICO Tokens on TokenPay Initial Coins Offering

4 Considerations To Buy ICO Tokens on TokenPay Initial Coins Offering

ICO is a fundraising event by offering new coins or tokens that have utilities or uses for specific platforms. The success of the ICO event will have an impact on the delight of investors who buy ICO tokens. They can have a community to speculate about the price of tokens they store. So, the mindset of investors who buy ICO tokens usually expect prices to rise when the platform is launched. TokenPay is one platform that also organizes ICO events to fundraise to finance TokenPay platform development and development.

Keep in mind, I am not an expert or an economics teacher, I do not advise anyone to invest based on this article. All your investments are your absolute decision and your responsibility is in your hands.

TokenPay ICO

Some people are confused about buying ICO tokens because too many ICOs are launching this month. But the one that interested me was TokenPay ICO. Based on the understanding I quoted from TokenPay ICO’s official website, tokenpay.com, is as follows: TokenPay is a decentralized and self-verifying payment platform project. Based entirely on mathematics it is designed to enable secure transactions between multiple parties. With maximum user security as the focal point, the system is accessed exclusively through the encrypted Tor Browser. Transactions are carried by proprietary and untraceable cryptocurrencies called TPAY that is embedded with the latest and most advanced safety features. These characteristics include an encrypted messaging system, completely anonymous trading and a uniquely designed hashing algorithm that enables fast and secure transactions under any conditions.

Then, what are the reasons or considerations that can be used as a reference to contribute in TokenPay ICO? In my opinion, there are several considerations that can be used as a reference to buy ICO tokens at TokenPay ICO events are as follows:

Teams and Developers of TokenPay ICO

Ever heard about Bill Gates? Imagine if Bill Gates created a new project, what will happen? Surely investors will scramble places to invest in a new project that will be formed by Bill Gates. Why did it happen? Because background and biography of Bill Gates no doubt. He is the boss at Microsoft, which we already know that Bill Gates was once the richest man in the world. All the ideas and his work are always successful, as well as the projects that he may form. The project will also be successful because of his experience in the business world and the digital industry.

What about TokenPay ICO Teams? The teams from TokenPay ICO can be said to be very convincing to the public. The full profile can be accessed at LinkedIn. The core team team has a good of experience that can be used to develop TokenoPay ICO Platform, including as Vice President at RoboTerra.Inc, Linux / Cisco / Microsoft Infrastructure Manager, Manager of SEC Reporting, Vice President at Capital Bank Corp., Accountant at Gracia Tax Enterprises and others. With a myriad of experiences, it may be considered to buy ICO tokens on TokenPay ICO.

In addition to work experience, the team and developers of TokenPay ICO also studied at top universities such as Beijing Language and Culture University, Universidad de Costa Rica, Florida International University, Thomas University Miami / Fort Lauderdale Area. With adequate educational background and work experience, this may be a consideration for you to purchase ICO tokens at TokenPay ICO. Here I will review the teams that will affect TokenPay platform development.

Derek Capo (CEO) https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekcapo/ – Derek is a former hedge fund analyst who most recently served as VP of International at RoboTerra. He has a finance degree from FIU and has completed advanced Chinese studies.

Carlos Salazar (CTO) https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlossalazarv/ – Carlos is a cyber security expert with experience managing IT for large international gaming clients. He studied Chemical Engineering at UCR.

Joseph Pacetti (CFO) https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-pacetti-cpa-a038114/ – Joseph is a compliance expert with significant Mergers and Acquisitions experience. He is a Certified Public Account who holds a Masters Degree in Accounting from FIU.

Senen Gracia (General Council) https://www.linkedin.com/in/sglawgroup/ – Senen is a corporate lawyer with 15 years of experience specializing in forensic tax issues. He holds a JD and MBA from St. Thomas University.

The core team is crucial to the successful of the project, any decision will affect the development of the platform, so an idea and thought should be carefully considered.

TPAY Proof Of Stake System

This is something special for TPAY (TokenPay coin). The algorithm used by TokenPay platform for TPAY coin holders is POS (Proof Of Stake) where every person who owns and hold TPAY coins and keep it, then the person will get bonus according to certain period. Unlike Bitcoin which uses the Proof Of Work (PoW) algorithm where people can only get Bitcoin by mining them, that is breaking the codes generated by a transaction. And the PoW system relies heavily on equipment used by miners.

The total supply of TokenPay coin is 25,000,000 TPAY and as much as 25% of the total tokens of 6.250,000 TPAY will be allocated to the Proof Of Stake system imposed by the TokenoPay ICO platform. Every year 5% will be distributed to token holders. For example, someone who stores 100 TPAY coins on a branded wallet will receive as many as 5 TPAYs per year, so most TPAY holders will get the most annual prizes as well.

Buy ICO Tokens by seeing the Roadmap

Roadmap is an activity planning that support for the development of a project. From here we can know, about the planning set by the team and developers around whenever the project will be launcing, when coin will go into major exchange, when a feature will be released and others. Knowing it earlier will make it easier to estimate our investment will achieve ROI.

The Roadmap of the TokenPay ICO project I think is correct and can be the reason why we have to buy ICO tokens in TokenPay ICO. In 2015 Q4, eFin.com Beta Version on launched platform. Then in Q4 of 2016, Established corporate headquarters in the privacy-focused jurisdiction of the British Virgin Island. In 2017 Q2, Released Linux, Windows, MacOS and Paper Wallets and now is stepping on the peride of Whitepaper Release and Token Sale. Then, in Q1 2018, TPAY will enter Major Exchange which is the desire of investors to get another option to remove tokens from their respective wallets.

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Token Prices on TokenPay ICO

TPAY is an official coin that will be used in exchange for some products and services provided by TokenPay. Buying an ICO Token on TokenPay ICO is equivalent to ordering a seat to enjoy the services provided by the TokenPay Platform. In the TokenPay ICO period, the token price offered is a special price, in which there is a bonus system offered to buyers who buy ICO Tokens early.

The current TPAY price I think is the cheapest, because definitely when the platform launching, the token price will rise as market demand is high. For those wishing to purchase an ICO token, please note its date of 7 December 2017 to 17 January 2018. The TPAY price at the time of ICO is 2000 TPAY / 1 BTC. However, TokenPay ICO offers bonus for early bird, which is 100% bonus for 1st week (7 Dec – 13 Dec) This is a special offer that I get from twitter https://twitter.com/tokenpay/status/935165592780333057 . For those who missed with a 100% bonus you can still get a bonus the following week with the scheme below :

Week #1 > 50%

Week #2 > 40%

Week #3 > 30%

Week #4 > 20%

Week #5 > 10%

Week #6 > 0%

Final Conclusions

ICO is an unregulated event held with the objective of platform funding. Buy ICO Tokens in TokenPay ICO is the same as you order a fuel to enjoy the upcoming service when the platform launches later. According to the above considerations, I think TokenPay will be a platform that can be useful for the community, especially my daily life as a buyer in the online store. The feature I am interested in is the Crypto Debit Card, but I’m sorry I did not explain it above because it’s my personal consideration.

Keep in mind, any form of investment is absolutely based on your decision. I am not responsible for the risks of what you have done.

Useful Links

TokenPay Website : https://www.tokenpay.com/#

Whitepaper : https://www.tokenpay.com/whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2400499.0

Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/tokenpay

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tokenpay

Telegram : https://t.me/tokenpay


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